Cosco Website Review

It’s the time when e-commerce websites are taking over all the stores which have a physical appearance. Cosco is the prominent choice to opt for in the retail sector which is also a sister company of Alibaba. If you are looking for something economical at some online store then you are at the right place but that economical thing would be the counterfeit instead of the original.

It’s been 9 years since Cosco was launched and a lot of people have been benefited from it but to be honest it can sometimes be the wrong place to trust your money with.

Cosco is a place where different sellers display their products on their own price and you have to act smart and view the website thoroughly before placing your order from a seller with high price.

If you play smart, you can be saved from being ripped off. Before placing the order, you can also view all the reviews of that item from other customers which is an edge for you to make wise decision and get something for you which is trustworthy.

A lot of buyers have complained about the quality of the products delivered to them. What they show on the website is usually entirely different from the products they deliver and sometimes they don’t even deliver, no matter how many times buyer try to contact the retailer.

At the same time their customer services seem of no use, a lot of people happened to have a bad experience and when they try to contact the customer support with the hope that their issue would be resolved all they got was mere disappointment.

As per their policy in case of any dispute Cosco mostly favors their sellers instead of their customers which is creating a huge buzz.

While placing the order they tell you about the expected time when the order will be delivered but lately the orders are taking way more time then the mentioned time to reach the destination.

As far as the payment methods of Cosco are concerned, they are quite safe as a lot of security checks and efforts are put in it to ensure the secure transactions and to avoid any card or personal information theft, but they need to work on the layout of their website.

It seems that Cosco has tried to put all the items at one single place, the text, designs, font and color combination needs to be reconsidered.

If Cosco tries to improve their services and put effort to enhance their customer’s experience, then things might result in their favor in the near future. I believe they really need to reconsider the whole website and work on its betterment.

cosco online

Cosco is the specialized e-commerce B2B platform which has been in the market for around 2 decades now.

Cosco and AliExpress belongs to the same group of manufactures and trading companies. Whereas AliExpress only deals with retail, you can buy the bulk quantity from Cosco.

Cosco’s layout is comparatively better from the other e-commerce website, it has various sections on the homepage showing the deals they offer, articles from the same category are grouped together for a better understanding of the products and people can easily hunt the items.

Cosco also shows the rating on the main page on item’s image so that you don’t have to open every single item to view its rating.

Their hot selling and top search sections also attract the customers to view the things which seems to be high in demand.

It’s nice that they provide feedback option on the homepage and you don’t have to type the huge paragraphs, you can just select the most suitable option but it seems that 15 questions are too much to handle as no one has enough time to just tell how their experience was.

As far as security and trust level is concerned, it is actually the site you can place your cents on. Cosco has created its place in the market and they try to provide the best experience to its customers.

This e-commerce site is legit, but you have to be careful with the sellers who are registered over here as no one can vouch for them. Some sellers tend to provide you the best experience whereas some can play a scam with the quality, price value or the delivery of your product.

The user experience of the website is very good and you can easily go through all the products on their website. You can easily go through all the details of a certain product.

They also integrate seller’s website into Cosco if the seller has one, which is very good to for a buyer to look into seller’s profile more thoroughly.

The overall experience of the website and shopping is phenomenal and I would recommend this website to others if are looking into purchasing bulk items in reasonable amounts.