Common Gluten Intolerance Symptoms in Kids

Is Your Child Suffering From the Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance?

There are some common gluten intolerance symptoms in kids and these are the ones that parents should identify to ensure that the condition is treated quickly and effectively. When the child suffers from the intolerance to this substance, there is a weight loss that is seen. In kids, this may not easily be attributed to this condition because of the fact that growing children may sometimes lose weight without any reason.

On the other hand, the gluten intolerance symptoms in kids can be accompanied by distension in the abdomen.

This is sometimes called as the extension of the abdomen. The children who are suffering from this condition will fail to thrive. The failure to thrive is explained by the fact that they will not grow as much as their peers do and instead will have decreased weight and decreased height. This is also one of the common gluten intolerance symptoms in kids.

The child who is suffering from intolerance to gluten will also suffer from severe constipation and this could be associated with the presence of pain during defecation. There could also be alternate bouts of constipation and diarrhea. Other than these gluten intolerance symptoms in kids that are commonly seen, there could also be a host of other complications and symptoms.

Some of the kids will have pain in the abdomen that can become very severe at times. Vomiting can also be present in some people. When gluten is avoided in the diet, it will be easy for the person to get the food digested.

Gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity refers to a gamut of disorder in which consumption of gluten products can be very harmful to human body.

The gluten intolerance symptoms are similar to other disease like celiac disease or wheat allergy. Gluten is generally found in wheat and its products and in simple terms gluten intolerance is an allergy to consumption of wheat and its products.