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AliExpress began in April of 2010, as a global wholesale platform.

This was done by the Alibaba Group and many were concerned about this business venture, but it has shown success ever since its inception. Alibaba Group began back in 1999 and since then has become a huge name in the global wholesale trade market.

AliExpress is used for smaller orders with faster shipping options and even discounts from coupons!

This is an express channel of sorts when it comes to wholesale inventory. No fees or registration is needed to use AliExpress coupons, unlike Alibaba Group’s other ventures. Also, minimum orders are a thing of the past with this site and you will be pleasantly surprised to see that free shipping occurs much of the time.

Escrow Service For Protection

The great thing about AliExpress is that there is an escrow service in place which provides protection for each individual transaction that takes place. This eliminates worry that an order will not arrive or it will not be as it was described in the original description. The seller of an item will only get paid once an item has been received by the buyer, and the buyer is perfectly happy with what they got by using a discount coupon code.

With, the great thing is that the customer is always right, and the seller is protected by listing items properly and describing them as they are.

Each supplier is also thoroughly checked before they are granted membership. This avoids scams and you can check the credibility of a seller before you decide to purchase with them. They even will agree to apply an AliExpress coupon!

Shipping Options

Each product page has its own shipping section where you can review the various shipping options available. With each option you are conveniently given the time it will take for your item to reach you, so you can make an appropriate decision. This is really helpful if you are buying an item for a gift or you need it by a certain day and time. There are always fast shipping options on AliExpress available if you need an order almost immediately, even if you use a coupon.

Payment Options

You have a number of options available to you when you are paying for an item on AliExpress with a coupon. You can use PayPal, which is sometimes preferred because this is convenient, you do not have to enter in anymore personal information into the website and you have an added layer of protection if there is something wrong with a sale (PayPal lets you dispute payments).

You can also use Moneybookers, bank transfers and credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard. Some debit payments are allowed such as Solor, Maestro, CartaSi, PostePay and more. More payment options are supposedly coming soon, but the amount already available is pretty impressive.


There is a promotional products page on AliExpress with coupons where you can check out current specials and offers. There usually is not coupon codes or discount codes available anywhere on the internet, but that is because the offers are generally so low to begin with, you do not feel like you have to look for anything else to offset the costs of buying an item.

The great thing about AliExpress is the amount of items that are available with a coupon code!

You can purchase something as large and involved as a laptop computer or you can purchase smaller accessories that go with a laptop. It is really a one stop shop, especially around the holidays. You can get baby and kid’s toys, clothing, books and so much more.