Best Weave Hair Extensions

Best Weave Hair Extensions: Pros, Cons and Alternatives

The best weave hair extensions can transform your look dramatically. They are a great way to try out new styles. If you want to have long flowing locks some of the best hair extensions are the ones that they sew into your hair. Before you buy, hair extensions consider some of the pros and cons listed below.

The best weave hair extensions are made from real hair.

This means they look natural and you can do a lot with these extensions. They can be styled and colored just as you own hair.

wigs from aliexpressWhen you want to change your look, your stylist can remove the extensions and try a totally new style. If any of your sew in best weave hair extensions start to look worn or damaged they can be removed. New ones can then be sewn in to refresh your look.

The versatility of sew in extensions is great. One day you can have short hair and the next long hair like a celebrity. You can also experiment with color. With extensions, you can pick bold, new colors and try some daring highlights. If you do not like them, they are not permanent just have them removed.

Sew in best weave hair extensions are one of the best choices for less hair damage.

Usually glue in hair extensions cause damage to your natural hair, like split ends.

If you have money to get the best hair extensions, you will probably love your new style. Natural hair, quality ones can get expensive, but they will give you the most versatile and natural look.

Cons of Sewn in Best Weave Hair Extensions

Over styling can cause hairs from your extensions to come loose. You need to be careful when brushing and fixing your best weave hair.

It can take some time to get used to having sewed in hair extensions. They are attached to your natural hair on a tight braid that is made underneath your natural hair. The braids can be uncomfortable and itch.

Sew in best weave hair extensions are not permanent they longest they usually last is about six to eight weeks.

If you are not careful and do not take care of them properly, they will last much less time.

Since the extensions are not your own hair, there is a slight chance that bacteria can grow on them if they are not cleaned regularly.

You have to be patient when getting this kind of best weave hair extensions; they do take longer to apply. Depending on your hair and how many extensions you want, it can take as much as five or six hours.

There are alternatives to sew in hair extensions. Some people choose glue in extensions, or clip in hair extensions. Glue in extensions are easy to apply but can damage your hair. They must be done by someone who is experienced with this type of extension.

Clip in best weave hair extensions can be bought in natural or synthetic hair.

They are easy to put in by yourself. One complaint about this kind of extension is they do not fit snug and feel like they might fall out.

Just like the sew in kind they all have good and bad things to consider when purchasing.

No matter what kind of hair extensions you are considering it is important to weigh the pros and cons thoughtfully before making a purchase.

This way you will be happy and can get the look of your dreams.

Hair Makeovers Using Quick and Easy Best Weave Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are easy solutions to short hair, and they look great too. The desired length of hair can be achieved mostly by attaching the extensions to the scalp.

There are two major types of hair extensions – real hair extensions which would use natural hair gathered from other individuals, and synthetic hair extensions that would use artificial hair.

Why choose hair extensions

Hair extension, which matches the natural hair color and texture and is attached by a professional stylist, provides the best results. The extended hair will naturally fall in place and mix with the original hair, making it hard to separate the extension with your natural hair.

Best weave hair extensions are great alternatives for thinning or fine hair because they add volume, without damaging the original hair.

Despite the extensive techniques used for extending hair, the original hair is retained in its natural form. You can easily buy hair extensions from a salon near you.

There are various methods involved in attaching the extra hair to the scalp. These are:

  • Weaving
  • Bonding
  • Clip-in methods
  • Tubing
  • Heat-shrink tubing
  • Adhesive-based fusion
  • Braiding
  • Cornrows
  • Twists and Locks method
  • Lengthening-rebondage

These methods involve using the extra hairs, which are attached to blend into a particular hairstyle.

The invisible hair weaving technique is the simplest and usually lasts for a longer time compared to other techniques.

The best weave hair weaving process of hair extension usually takes about an hour and lasts for almost 7 weeks.

The hair bonding technique involves using artificial hair that is bonded to the natural hair using special glue.

During such a process, care needs to be taken such that the glue does not come in contact with the scalp.

The clip-in best weave hair extension technique involves clipping in the extra hair pieces to be integrated with the natural hair. A lengthy strand is cut into pieces and joined in layers giving the illusion of multiple layers on the head.

The adhesive-based fusion method of hair extension is another technique that precisely uses an adhesive on each strand that attaches itself to the natural hair. This method is a little complex compared to others and it takes about 7-8 hours.

Lengthening-rebondage is another technique that involves rebonding, ironing and then gentle pulling or tugging of the hair. This is one of the most effective and less damaging methods of best weave hair extension.

If the original hair is oily and requires regular washing, then hair extension is sometimes done using a thread. This technique completely eliminates the damage to the natural hair, and the extended areas would not be affected by the water and oils. This, however, is a less used technique and employed only if the hair is very oily.