2019 Bewell Watches Are Here!

Bewell, known for their beautiful wood watches, has released their 2019 collection, much to the anticipation of watch lovers everywhere.

Bewell watches for 2019 have kept their hand carved, exotic feel while incorporating a more modern look.

These wood watches will not disappoint any Bewell watch lover. Keeping within the 3 most popular, beautiful woods; maple wood, sandalwood and zebrawood, Bewell has consistently brought to the table new exciting designs while staying within their beloved brand.

2019 promises to be and exciting year for Bewell.

Established in 2007, Bewell watches have quickly taken the hand carved wood watch industry by storm. Whether you are a watch connoisseur, hipster or just someone who appreciates a unique watch – take a look at these fresh releases from a company who promises to keep delivering the most beautiful, hand carved wood watches found on the market today.

Now a days wood watches have become more of a jewelry fashion, then the need to know the time.

Due to most people using their cell phones to check the time while they are out and about. When people plan there day and decide what they intend to wear, an accessory has become essential to their outfit.

Such as, going shopping, working, going out to a restaurant to eat, or just for the pleasure of it. You could even enjoy wearing it at home while you relax and enjoy your day.

Bewell Natural Wood Watches were made to be an exquisite timepiece, to some degree a fabulous fashion statement, a thing of magnificence.

The wooden part of the watch can come from many different trees, such as Maple, Blackwood, Zebrawood, Pale Bamboo, Dark Sandalwood, Rich Cherry, and Koa. Generally the band is made out of leather, wood, or a combination of wood and metal. All the wood come in various color assortments from light to dark with practically every shade thinkable.

For the fashion minded person, it would be great having your own fabulous wood watch.

By having your very own natural wood watch, it will certainly make you the envy of your friends and acquaintances. However, exquisiteness and individuality are not their only qualities.

Bewell wood watches are manufactured with the environmentally
friendly customers in mind.

Bewell is known for generating these watches with renewable or recycled materials in their designs.

Professionals that put their artistic work into making Bewell wood watches gather their wood from viable wooded areas. They make sure they plant a tree for everyone they cut down, by replacing what they used from the environment.

There are numerous benefits to selecting Bewell wooden watches.

The wood is a hypo allergenic substance which helps anyone with an allergy to specific metals. Also metal could become hot if you accidentally left it in the sun, as where a wood watch would not.

Furthermore wood is significantly lighter than metal which can be a huge benefit to people who have aches and soreness from arthritis and are unable to handle the weight of a heavy watch attach to their wrist.

Finally, when selecting a wood watch keep the following advices in mind.

Select a watch that is fashionable and sophisticated and the right size for your wrist. Stopping to make certain that the surface is refined and not coarse or dense. If you sweat a lot you would most likely want an amazing watch that can deal with some dampness and not swell.

You would definitely want to make sure it’s the latest fashion, for all you fashion and conscientious people out there.

While you’re deciding on a watch keep in mind that Bewell Natural Wood Watches are all of these things and more.