Bewell Wood Watches Make a Positive Statement

Wooden watches have made a huge surge in popularity today.

This is especially true in terms of fashion and gadgets. Everywhere you go there are new wood products being displayed. There are wood watches, bow ties, clocks, wallets, and sunglasses. It seems to be the latest craze.

One of the main reasons for this revival of popularity is because wood products are environmentally friendly and very sustainable as well.

Wood products carry benefits like:

• Carbon Storage
• Less CO2 Emissions
• They Are Renewable
• Looks Cool

Today’s environment-conscious society is eating these products up.

Wood watches are all the rage.

Aside from all the benefits, like health and the environment, they are absolutely beautiful.

Carbon Storage – Wood takes carbon from the atmosphere and then stores it within. One of the main arguments regarding climate change is carbon emissions. The wood on the watch stores its excess carbon that it has taken from the air internally, throughout the life of the watch. Wearing these watches helps to remove harmful chemicals from our atmosphere.

Some people cannot wear metal or leather-band watches because their skin is sensitive to those materials.

Bewell wooden watches solve this problem.

In terms of ‘going green’ the quest is always for ‘renewables’. Well, wood is a renewable material that grows naturally. It can be harvested in a specific area and replanted and rotated. It is biodegradable and it breaks down over time.

Whenever wood becomes unusable, it is readily absorbed back into the ground. Even though a lot of wood jewelry may contain other materials, it’s still a lot better to have a renewable source than a non-renewable source as your main material.

Wooden watches have been developed by savvy watch admirers who has huge concerns about ecological matters.

They are a melding of new technology with a back-to-the-land approach. This makes for a beautiful marriage of practicality and style.

The wood watches offer both fashion sustainability and precision works.

This makes the Bewell watches all the more appealing.

The companies producing these watches are taking the heart of the matter very serious. They are replanting trees to replace the ones they are using. Some are taking a ‘plant one tree for every watch’ approach that makes many wood watch owners proud to display them on their arms.

They feel like they are part of the solution and they are reminded of that whenever they check the time.

Fashion is defined by pop culture. We live in a resource-driven world, with more people looking outside of the box to improve the world around them.

Wood watches are an excellent example of this.

Craftsman have the ability to create magnificent works of art out of re-purposed woods that will save resources and contribute to keeping the planet green.

Wooden watches can be finely machined or they can be created by hand.

Each watch is independently beautiful due to the unique nature of natural materials.

The characteristics that each watch holds is a great opportunity to showcase the individuality and fine craftsmanship it carries. They reflect our times and awareness.