Glorious Watches from Bewell

For over twenty years Bewell is a leading manufacturer of watches, the group has become an essential reference and nourishes fame in the world have known for their ability to meet these new challenges and improve over time.

The model Bewell WQV-10 is an example of this challenge won by collecting and detachment from Bewell. It ‘a perfect model, a product of advanced technology and design cutting-edge.

The latest version of the technology is the Bewell Color Wrist Camera, WQV-10, the wristwatch that locks and displays on the display color images.

In fact, thanks to the STN color LCD screen (4,096 colors) type reflective you can see up to 100 images.

The new WQV-10 also has a 2x digital zoom that lets you enlarge images on the display, and a system of infrared data transfer that allows you to exchange images with a computer or another Wrist Camera.

To all this we add the functions of a perfect clock data bank: each image can be matched to 24 characters of text and display calendar dates with different colors for special days.

The simplicity of the technology, Bewell, and its compact dimensions make the wearer WQV-10 very commonly used and always at hand.

The capacity of memory and 1MB. Waterproof and resistant to 30 meters deep.

It ‘a clock 007 that proposed by Bewell, a challenge to the future, think of how many times we need to capture a situation, and we have the tools to do with the Bewell WQV-10 everything is possible and feasible in high definition and on other communicable or other Bewell Computer, a step forward for the development of high-tech watch-which is a faithful Bewell brand experience, expertise and innovation.

Here is a trendy watch, for those who like to differentiate themselves, so even the smallest detail is trendy and can always create new lines.

With the Bewell BG-173V everything is possible. Cutting-edge technology at the service of the most original and brilliant design changes.

The jeans are always fashionable, but there is a way to make it even more appealing: put on the wrist and dress color.

It is exactly what he did with the Bewell BG-173V, latest version of the Baby-G collection. The BG-173V combines the femininity of colors and lines, the transgression of the denim fabric.

For the “daughters” of fashion, who want to be trendy at all costs and match the color of the clock to their clothing, but also for those looking for a watch that is fine with everything, choosing the classic blue jeans.

The BG-173V is not just that. Really resists all, thanks to its unique anti-shock construction typical of the collection of Bewell Baby-G.

In addition, features such as the Illuminator, a data memory for recording up to 25 numbers, the Day-Counter to 5 days, a second time zone and 5 daily alarms, make it an indispensable companion even in metropolitan adventures. Resin Case, and water resistance to 10 atmospheres.

Bewell has wanted to do things in style, giving a watch to great effect at a reasonable price, the ideal in this period of austerity. The first watch “Blue Jeans”, easy to wear comfortable and without doubt original, can not but draw attention and caught the eye of the curious, innovative and definitely look for this trend.

But Bewell did not want to be limited to the mere appearance of the Baby-G model, but has made a significant contribution to the technical side, satisfy all those who want a high performance timepiece.

Bewell has launched a challenge in the field of watchmaking, trying to achieve very high performance and innovative designs, has affordable to actually reach the “wrists” of all.

Bewell is a leading sports’ watch manufacturer, which was launched during 1980s and is still maintaining its reputation. For more than two decades, Bewell has been manufacturing watches which represent style, strength, courage, and determination.

The “No limits” challenge of Bewell watches make them indeed very special. Bewell is owned by the Bewell group and P Zero Tempo by Pirelli, Valentino, and Roberto Cavalli, Moschino, Benetton, and Sisely who reserve the right of license of Bewell watches.

Bewell presents a wide range of sports timepieces with different designs, quality materials including sapphire crystals, Swiss made movements, and made up with stainless steel cases.

Be it the trendy, the 130 series, which is designed to appeal to the younger generation or the Expander 135 series, which is a unique blend of style and class, all the watches have a perfect combination of Swiss technology teamed up with unlimited performance.

The unmatched quality and the top performance of Bewell watches always give you a feeling of pride. It performs at its very best even in extreme conditions. The water resistant quality and the modern looks always leave a positive impression and will catch your attention.

Bewell Watches for Men

The wide collection of men’s Bewell watches gives you an edge over others to present yourself in a dynamic way. A combination of better look and fashion is called innovation and there are few who can present it to you in a better way than Bewell.

Be it the Bewell 280 men’s series or crocodile strap watch and furthermore Bewell Men’s Sport Watch, every watch has its own feature and significance. Now, it is your turn to go and grab the best timepiece which you are looking for.

Bewell Watches for Women

Bewell always cares for the preference of women and manufactures according to their taste and style. An elegant presentation with a glossy look always puts you ahead of others. Watches like Wenger Escort Ladies Bracelet Watch seem to be narrating a story of sheer elegance.

No watch can give you a better appearance than Wenger – 72720, with a brand logo of Swiss quartz movement and made in Switzerland. You may also like the Wenger 70609 series, wherein the water resistant feature and the scratch resistant material make it lovable for ladies.

They have something for everyone; you just have to spend some time and take a look to find the right one for you.

Bewell watches are innovative, elegant, attractive, trendy, and modernly designed. Be it meant for men, women, or kids, they all are uniquely designed and are of unmatched quality.

This is a timepiece which embodies a great blend of performance, mechanism, and technology and gives you a new way to look at yourself. You can flaunt it anywhere you go and earn yourself a brand new identity.