Reasons to Love a Bewell Wood Watch

Over the last few years wood watches have become all the rage and a trendy new style.

In the past wood watches were most often found only at arts and craft fairs and tended to look a little dodgy and awkward, but that is no longer the case. Sleek new styling, high-quality movements and top-of-the-line craftsmanship have made wooden watches a popular choice for many types of people from blue-collar workers to board-room executives. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider buying a wooden watch.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Wood watches are as “green” as it gets, as wood is an all-natural and fully renewable resource. Because the people and companies who make wooden watches are environmentally conscious their watches are only made from non-endangered tree species. Companies that use more exotic woods, like acacia koa, grown only in Hawaii, only use trees that have died naturally, and not commercially harvested.

Wooden Watches are Hypoallergenic

Many people have allergies to metal, leather and some types of plastic and vinyl, so wooden watches are a viable alternative for anyone who has a sensitive to the materials most watches are made from.


Wood watches are extremely fashionable, being available in a wide variety of designs for both men and women, with different faces, diameters and types and colors of wood. Some companies offer dozens of different styles of wood watches, including pocket watches, and companies like Martin and Macarthur produce a new limited-edition style every month.

Like people, the grain and color of each wood watch is unique, making every wooden watch an extension of the personality and style of the person wearing it.

bewell wooden watches for men review

Assortment of Woods

From the more common species of woods like ash to more exotic varieties like zebrawood, wood watches are made from an almost endless variety of wood species, including oak, hickory, maple, sandalwood and acacia koa from Hawaii.

Handmade by Skilled Craftsmen

There are numerous reasons to buy handmade watches. Handcrafted wooden watches are always unique, as the human hand cannot make identical replicas like mass-production methods. A handmade watch will make an ideal addition to any outfit or jewelry collection.

Handmade watches are of the same quality, and are often less expensive, as watches found in high-priced jewelry stores. Handmade watches won’t be found at the big discount retailers, so it is unlikely that you will ever run into anyone else with the same watch.

For vendors and gift shop owners, carrying unique handmade wooden watches will make your shop the talk of the town

Tips When Buying Wooden Watches

As with all new and trendy products, consumers must use their best judgment in order to get the best deal on a high-quality wood watch. In the end, besides looking exceptionally cool, you will want the watch to keep time and last for many years. Here are a few helpful tips for buying a quality wood watch:

The body and band of the watch should be made from solid hardwood, like oak, hickory or koa, and not from a cheap paper-thin veneer over a stainless-steel base.

Select a high-quality wooden watch having a genuine-quartz movement made by a reputable watch company like Timex or Citizen. Stay far, far away from any wooden watch with a no-name movement and no warranty; if it breaks it won’t be of much use as either a timepiece or a conversation piece.

Make certain the design of a Bewell wooden watch is sleek and stylish, and not a hot chunky and clunky mess.

After all, most people don’t want to be seen wearing a watch that looks as if it was made in shop class, and never listen to a salesperson who tells you wooden watches are always bulky.

The companies that make the best wooden watches offer a wide array of styles for both men and women. Also, some companies only produce wood watches in limited qualities or “Special Edition” series, to make their wooden watches even more unique.

Finally, while no finely-crafted wooden watch should ever intentionally be taken in the water, be sure your new watch is water resistant or waterproof, so it won’t be ruined if you are suddenly caught in the rain.

Wooden Watches Review

Wood – Hottest trend in watches – Complete information on modern, stylish, eco-friendly wood watches

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First, a quick introduction for those new to wood watches.

Wood watches have been around for decades, but only recently entered mainstream popularity thanks to greater “green” awareness and new modern, trendy styles.

Two of the main brand names in wood watches are WeWood and Tense. Other watch companies, such as Bewell, Mica, Nixon and Flud, offer wooden watches among the choices in their product lineups.

People buy Bewell wood watches for several reasons.

They look cool. They are trendy and demonstrate that the wearer cares about the planet. They are amazing conversation starters: “Hey, check out my new watch. It’s made of wood!” Plus they are extremely light, hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear.

We invite you to browse our site and explore the different models of wooden watches on the market today. (A good place to start is our list of the Coolest Wooden Watches.)

I can’t think of anything cooler than strapping a wood watch from Bewell on your wrist. It’s an amazing conversation starter. What follows is a completely unscientific and purely objective list of the coolest wood watches on the planet — in my humble opinion, of course. These are all current models available for purchase. Feel free to post your comments below. Would love to hear them.

Why Buy a Bewell Wooden Wrist Watch?

I’ll admit, I was never someone who regularly wore a wrist watch.  I didn’t like feeling the uncomfortable metal on my wrist. Plus I was very active and played sports, so I felt that a watch always got in the way.  When I was an early teen, I remember getting a digital Ironman watch for a Christmas gift.

You remember the old sport watches with the rubber watch bands?  Yeah, that kind. Most of my friends had watches like that at the time, and I remember asking my parents if I could get one too.

I was extremely excited that Christmas morning when I opened my presents and received my very own Bewell watch.

I remember wearing that watch to school everyday and using the stopwatch timer while racing against my friends. That lasted about six months. I’m not even sure what ever happened to that watch.

The next time I wore a wooden Bewell watch was for my high school prom.

I was renting my tuxedo, and my mom suggested that a nice metal watch would look great with the tuxedo.

While we were looking for a metal watch, I convinced my mom to buy me a silver Citizen brand watch. I precisely remember wanting that brand.

Again, because I knew that some of my friends had that brand watch. I believe I wore that watch to my prom, to one or two weddings and zero times after that.

I never liked how the metal felt on my skin, and it felt heavy and uncomfortable because I wasn’t used to wearing one. I’m not even sure what ever happened to that watch.  Notice a trend here?

Then a few years ago, my brother asked me to be his best man for his wedding.

He gave me (and each of his other groomsman) a wood Bewell watch and wooden sunglasses.

It was a great idea because we all wore the wood watches and wood sunglasses in the wedding photos, and it was by far the best groomsman gift I had ever received. Unlike the usual knife or a flask, I could actually use these groomsman gifts everyday.

See my brother is the stylish one, so I had never seen or heard of sunglasses or watches made of wood.  So I mentioned before that I was never someone who wore a watch, but this watch was different.

When I was younger, I wanted to be just like my friends and I wanted the same things they had.  As an adult, I find that I like things that are a little different. And I love my wood watch because I don’t see too many other people who wear them.

But being different isn’t the only thing I like about my Bewell watch.

I like camping, fishing and hiking. I like rivers, trees and mountains. There’s something about wearing this watch that makes me feel close to all those things.  Maybe it’s the dark brown color of the wood, or maybe it’s the individual pieces of wood and the unique wood grains patterns.

Whatever it is, my wooden watch is comfortable to wear. It’s lightweight (about half the weight of watches with metal bands), and the wood stays pretty temperature neutral.  It doesn’t feel cold like metal when the temperature falls, and it’s not burning hot when it’s out in the sun.

My Bewell wood watch goes with pretty much anything I’m wearing.

I always get compliments when I wear it to work (I work in an office), and it also looks good with my shorts or blue jeans.  Another perk to having a wood watch is it’s a great conversation starter.

People ask me where I got my watch all the time, which is part of the reason I created this site.  It goes over especially well with environmentally conscious people. Most wooden watches are created using leftover scraps of wood from other manufacturers of wood products.

And wood is a renewable resource.  Most wooden watch companies will even plant at least one tree for every watch sold. What’s better than looking good, and helping the environment?