Fighting The Big Fight Against Celiac Disease

Fighting The Big Fight Against Celiac Disease

Fighting celiac disease could take a lifetime as it is an intestinal disorder with no known medicine yet for a person to take if he is suffering from this problem. The disease is triggered by the ingestion of gluten that causes a reaction in one’s small intestines, disabling it from absorbing the nutrients from food, and resulting in vitamin, mineral, and nutritional deficiencies. Malnutrition of the person afflicted is a consequence followed later by other diseases since a malnourished body is vulnerable to diseases. Some people find it difficult to control the problem, but if it is just a matter of changing dietary habits, why should it really be a problem?

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Gluten is a protein present in all forms of wheat, rye and barley and people afflicted with celiac disease gets the malady because of this kind of food.

This diet could be unbalanced really if no other kinds of food are taken. An unbalanced diet will not be good for any person’ health and wellbeing at all. Nutritionists always say that a balanced diet is necessary for one to be able to maintain good health. People eating the wrong food could have medical problems sooner or later.

Symptoms in children with celiac disease may include growth failure, vomiting, bloated abdomen, and behavioral changes. Adults on the other hand can experience recurring bloating or gas, chronic diarrhea or constipations, unexplained weight loss or gain, vitamin K deficiency, and fatigue, among many other inconveniences the disease may cause.

Fighting celiac disease, like any other disease, starts with the correct diagnosis of the problem.

It is however difficult to diagnose celiac disease as its symptoms may be similar to the symptoms of other maladies. What is known now however in medical science is that a person given a new diet which is gluten free gets relieved from the celiac problem. No medicine is used for the treatment – just having a new diet for the patient is enough.

Celiac disease support groups now (celiac disease sufferers and their families) can help a celiac disease victim not with medicines but more with advice on what food a patient should take so he will not have gluten anymore in his diet. This is after all the only known remedy so far to relieve one of the symptoms of the celiac malady.

If the problem is resolved with a gluten free diet, then it just shows that the person afflicted may have been eating an unbalanced diet through the years.

Maybe when a person gets hit with celiac disease it is just a reminder for him to look into his diet, which may have been the culprit that brought about the problem. It should not be too difficult for him to adjust to a new dietary regimen, if only to stay away from the discomforts of celiac disease.