Gluten Free Beer


  • Bard’s Beer
    Brews Dragon’s Gold, Tavern Ale and others. Check their website.
  • Fox Barrel Cider
    Available online via BevMo and
  • Greens
    This gluten free UK brewer has a wide selection. Their beers are available in the US through Merchant du Vin (check their distributor list).
  • Lakefront Brewery
    This Milwaukee-headquartered brewer creates New Grist from sorghum, hops, water, rice and gluten-free yeast grown on molasses, and have even created a social network for it.
  • Nick Stafford’s Hambleton Ales
    Gluten free ale and gluten free lager – stocked throughout the UK.
  • Mongozo
    Tropical fruit beers, wheat free. Flavors include coconut, banana, quinoa, palmnut and mango.
  • Ramapo Valley Brewery
    Creates gluten-free (and kosher) Honey Beer
  • Redbridge Beer
    Anheuser-Busch’s gluten-free beer – widely available in the US.
  • Sprecher
    Brews Mbege Ale and Shakparo Ale – both gluten-free. You can find their beers in Indiana, Illinois, New York, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. Check their website for retailers.


Australia, New Zealand

  • O’Brien’s Brewery
    All beers (Brown Ale, Pale Ale and Premium Lager) are gluten free. Unfortunately, available in Australia, NZ and HK only.
  • Silly Yak’s
    Australian gluten-free beer. Award-winning, too.


  • BiAglut
    Italian manufacturer’s Birra 76, a gluten free beer. Available in Italy.
  • St Peter’s Brewery
    Offers G-Free. They sell online but are unable to ship outside of the UK