Is a Slurpee Gluten Free? You Won’t Believe It!

The editors of confirmed that the Slurpee is gluten-free!

Great news for those with gluten intolerance and wheat allergies.  Interestingly, all but one Slurpee flavor is kosher:

“Yes. It is gluten free. Slurpee drinks include sugar, ice and fruit flavors. Also, most Slurpee beverages are kosher (except pina colada).” – 7-Eleven Spokesperson

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About Gluten Intolerances & 7-Eleven Slurpees

Those that have a gluten intolerance cannot have gluten as they will have a reaction to it. Gluten is found in barley, wheat or rye. It is thought that around 1% of the population has a gluten intolerance. For these individuals, they must avoid gluten all together as they can experience damage to their digestive system if they consume it. Because gluten is found in so many different foods and beverages, it’s important for these individuals to read labels to determine whether or not what they plan to consume contains gluten. They often stay away from prepared food and drinks including 7-11’s Slurpees.

One Of America’s Most Favorite Beverages
To understand whether or not a 7-Eleven Slurpees are gluten free, we must first determine what ingredients they contain. Basically, this drink is made out of just ice, fruit flavor and sugar. You will find that some Slurpees also have colas or other sodas as there base.

Gluten Free Or Not
Those that can’t have gluten can still enjoy a Slurpee. This beverage is gluten free and can be consumed by those that have a gluten intolerance since there is no barley, wheat or rye in any of the ingredients.

Even Slurpees with specialty flavors are gluten free. What this means is that those that have issues with gluten can enjoy any flavor of this tasty beverage without having to deal with any adverse reactions to it.

Why You Should Enjoy A Slurpee
Knowing that Slurpees from 7-Eleven are gluten free may be enough of a reason to go out and get one today. If not, keep in mind that this beverage is actually pretty low in calories. Many small Slurpees have 100 calories or less.

Because of this you can satisfy your sweet tooth without packing on the pounds in the process. Also, this frosty drink doesn’t contain a lot of ingredients. Unlike many other types of beverages, you can drink Slurpees without feeling guilty about the numerous amount of ingredients that you are putting into your body.

In conclusion, if you have issues consuming gluten, you can rest assured that when you drink 7-Eleven Slurpees that you won’t experience any terrible side effects. They are also low in calories and not filled with a lot of different ingredients. If you have been considering stopping at 7-Eleven to pick up one of America’s favorite drinks, you really should since now you know that they are gluten free and safe to enjoy.

Eight interesting fun facts about the Slurpee:

  1. The Slurpee was first invented in 1959 by a Kansas hamburger stand owner.From 1959 to today, more than 6 billion Slurpee beverages have been sold; that’s almost equal to the world population which is at 6.7 billion!
  2. 7-Eleven® began selling Slurpee drinks, then called Icee, in its stores in 1965, and is the only place to buy a Slurpee drink.
  3. The frozen, carbonated beverage are served fountain-style at a frosty 28 degrees
  4. The two most popular favors for the Slurpee are cola and cherry.
  5. In 1994, 7-Eleven created the phrase BrainFreeze to describe the somewhat painful joy drinking a Slurpee drink brings.
  6. In one year, the sales volume of Slurpee drinks fill 44 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  7. Over 40 percent of all Slurpee drinks are sold during June, July and August.
  8. Approximately 13 million Slurpee drinks are consumed every month!

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