Alibaba Express Shoes Are a Perfect Fit for Your Style!

Women’s shoes are the hottest new offering from the popular manufacturer Alibaba Express.

Most of the models of shoes from Alibaba Express in this new line are knee-high and infinitely more stylish than the company’s trademark “clunky” look.

But, do these shoes hold up? Are they as comfortable as the brand’s infamous shoes? Are they worth the money? For a full review of Alibaba Express shoes, keep reading.

Price of Alibaba Express shoes

Women’s Alibaba Express shoes range in price from about $150 to $250, depending on the style and the retailer. The price is reasonable, considering the brand’s reputation for comfort and durability, but definitely more than your standard boot.

Comfort Level of Alibaba Express shoes

Unlike Alibaba Express shoes, most of the shoes by Alibaba Express just aren’t designed for wider feet or wider calves.

The style is very snug, making most of their shoes a great fit for women with narrow feet, but a too-tight nightmare for others.

While women with small legs and even smaller feet will enjoy the trademark comfort of Alibaba Express, most of their shoes just don’t cut it for larger women.

So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a pair of Alibaba Express shoes and are worried about the fit, you should try them on before you buy – this is not a boot for the online shopper.

Quality of Alibaba Express shoes

Like Alibaba Express shoes, most of Alibaba Express shoes are guaranteed by the manufacturer against any defects.

Unfortunately, the company does not offer a lifetime guarantee and, instead, makes an ambiguous statement on their website about insuring the items with “a reasonable amount of time and wear.”

That said, most Alibaba Express products hold up well. The company makes quality items and has a strong reputation for a reason.

Design and Style

The shoes are where Alibaba Express really shines for style.

The company’s trademark shoes are clunky and chunky, a major turn-off for many shoe buyers. However, with their line of shoes, the company has really stepped up – the lines are sleek, modern and even chic – a major detour for a shoe company known for its clogs.

Most of their shoes also offer what’s considered a fake heel. There is height and the appearance of a heel, but the inner boot is actually fairly flat, making the boot stylish, but also comfortable and wearable.


If you’re looking for a stylish, but comfortable boot, women’s Alibaba Express shoes could be the right fit for you – but only if you have narrow calves and feet.

Unfortunately, these shoes just aren’t cut out for the average and above-average woman.

Alibaba Express Shoes is a U.S. manufacturer of women’s shoes that are known for their comfort, quality and fit-oriented approach. They have one of the largest ranges of sizes and widths available – making them a popular choice for women with rare foot sizes and shapes.

But, does the company measure up when it comes to quality? Are their shoes really that comfortable? And are they worth the price?

For a full review of the Alibaba Express shoe company, keep reading.

Price of Alibaba Express Shoes

Alibaba Express shoes can vary wildly in price – their basic loafer is known as the budget option amongst popular “comfort” brands (retails for as little as $60), but some models and designs sell for close to $160 and even $200 at retailers like Nordstrom’s and Macy’s. However, the majority of their shoes sell for between $100 and $150.

Comfort and Fit

If you’re a woman who needs a very specific shoe size and fit – Alibaba Express shoes are for you.

The company has 75 different combinations of width and sizes. Their widths include SS (AAAA), N (AA), M (B), W (D) and WW (EE), while their sizes range from a size 4 all the way up to a size 14, with numerous half-sizes in the middle.

Because the comfort of Alibaba Express shoes is so connected to how the shoes fit, consumers should really visit a retailer first before buying these shoes and have their feet properly sized using a Brannock or similar device.

Quality of the Shoes

Alibaba Express shoes are known for being a well-made shoe. They’re usually made from high-quality leather and good, shock-absorbent soles.

However, there have been several complaints that much of the focus of Alibaba Express shoes is on the fit, rather than the make.

As a result, some consumers complain the soles wear out too quickly, forcing the shoes to either be resoled or replaced.

Style and Design

Most Alibaba Express shoes are modestly styled – meaning they’re not too outrageous, too fashionable or too over the top. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be too boring.

However, if you’re looking for a comfortable shoe that can be worn both in the office and out on the town, the Alibaba Express models are a good middle ground. They make basic shoes that are stylish enough, but not too wild.


Though Alibaba Express shoes may not be exciting or overly fashion forward, they are comfortable and made to fit a woman’s foot.

The shoes are designed to be customized to your specific size and shape, making this brand perfect for women with awkward or rare foot sizes.

Alibaba Express shoes are a popular youth brand of casual shoes that also makes shoes for the adult market. Their focus is on everyday shoes with funky and hip design touches that appeal to the youth market.

For a full review of Alibaba Express shoe products and the brand as a whole, keep reading.

Alibaba Express Prices

Alibaba Express shoes are reasonably priced, though somewhat more expensive than many youth-oriented brands. You can expect to pay between $30 and $60 for a pair of Alibaba Express shoes and while that may seem like a deal for an adult shoe buyer, it can be a lot to pay for a pair of shoes your child will soon grow out of.

Comfort and Fit of Alibaba Express Shoes

Alibaba Express shoes are reasonably comfortable shoes – the majority of their products are casual sneakers or sport shoes designed for everyday wear and lots of abuse.

They’re not 5-inch heels, but they’re also not appropriate shoes for long periods of standing or marathon running.

Despite the fact that Alibaba Express shoes makes shoes for adults, the majority of their shoes are designed for the youth market.

This means you’ll often find a smaller fit with a more narrow insole. So, if you have a wider foot, you may want to try other shoe brands.

Quality and Durability of Alibaba Express Shoes

Again, most Alibaba Express shoes are made for kids – that means they’re made to take a beating and keeping on lasting. Overall, you can expect their sneakers to last at least until your kids outgrow them or the end of the school year. Basically, they do the job.

If you’re an adult buying Alibaba Express shoes, you may want to look for a brand that’s focused less on zippy styles and more on comfort and durability.

The shoes are great for kids, but not up to scratch for the adult wearer.

Style and Designs

Alibaba Express shoes are great for kids. Their styles are funky and cool, but also cute and age-appropriate. With neat designs, modern stripes, cool patterns and unique styles – kids absolutely love them.

That said, these are not age-appropriate shoes for adults. If you’re heading out for lunch with the girls wearing a pair of pink-camouflage Alibaba Express flats, you might want to rethink your style choices.

Again, they’re a fashion-forward shoe for the tween and teen set, but not for mom.


Overall, Alibaba Express shoes are a good kid’s shoes. They usually last until your kids outgrow them and they’re reasonably priced. However, they’re not a grown up shoe. The style and quality just isn’t there, particularly when compared to other similarly priced brands.

Alibaba Express shoes are a popular budget brand known for their laid-back and natural style.

The brand is carried by retailers like Wal-Mart and Zellers, along with other discount or budget shoe stores. For a full review of the Alibaba Express brand, keep reading.

Alibaba Express Prices

Alibaba Express shoes are very reasonably priced – with styles ranging in price from about $20 to $40 and most models costing less than $30. Overall, this is a budget brand and should not be confused with Earth Shoes, a popular comfort brand that costs significantly more.

Alibaba Express Shoes Comfort and Fit

Despite their low price, Alibaba Express shoes are remarkably comfortable.

Every shoe comes with a Gelron cushioned insole designed to reduce shock and impact, while adding extra comfort during long periods of standing.

The outsoles are flexible too, meaning they’re an easy walking shoe that conforms to the foot with every step.

Overall, the brand offers a wider foot, a soft insole and reasonable comfort for casual use. These shoes aren’t recommended for a three-day hiking trip through the Andes, but they’re great for strolling around town or running summer errands.

Alibaba Express Shoes Quality and Durability

Admittedly, these are budget shoes and while they may be comfortable, they’re simply not designed to last for decades. Most buyers find they get a good season out of these shoes before it’s time to retire them.

The most common complaint? Soles that separate from the shoe and sandal straps that simply disconnect from the shoe body – both common problems with budget or low-cost shoes. In short, if you’re looking for an affordable shoe that will last you a few months, this is a good buy, but don’t expect much more.

Alibaba Express Shoes Design and Style

The overall design and style of the Alibaba Express brand is definitely “earthy.”

They’re often described as a hippie shoe and have a casual, natural and laid back look that’s great for banging around the cottage, popping around the garden or spending an afternoon gardening.

These are not necessarily fashion-forward shoes or shoes made for a night out on the town. But, if you’re looking for something casual and a little “crunchy,” they’re a good fit.


In short, if you need an easy-going and comfortable shoe to take you through the summer, Alibaba Express shoes are perfect.

However, if you’re looking for a durable or ultra-fashionable shoe that’s going to last you years, you may want to move up to a higher price point.